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About Me


My Story

I am originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I studied at Temple University, Saint Joseph's College, and earned a Bachelors Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Superior. I taught school in New Jersey and obtained a Masters Degree from Monmouth University and subsequently became a guidance counselor. I coached speech and debate, ran a readers theater, mime group and directed stage plays. I am proud to say that my following included more than just parents of my students.

I have worked for two New Jersey government counties as a Director of Training, and an Contract Administrator. I have managed people, written and received state and federal grants, and waited tables both in my teens and in my late thirties. (it was easier in my teens)

In 1986 I began to list and sell real estate after becoming an investor a few years earlier. I have met, helped and worked with countless individuals and families over the years. I continued my real estate education and studied for and secured a Brokers License in New Jersey where I lived and worked.

Life changes, and so in January 2013 I traded my New Jersey license for a Referral License so that I could continue to help clients find the best possible person to help them buy or sell their home anywhere in the world.

I blog daily on Active Rain, a network of professionals, about issues related to real estate, home improvements, investment strategies, and training.

I coach agents, train individuals and offices, and counsel buyers and sellers, as well as provide a resource for contractors, stagers and other professionals to anyone needing help.

Other Interests

I have volunteered with animal rescue groups, fostered pets that waited for their forever homes, in my own place and actively participated in fund raising which makes all the difference in getting a pet a permanent home. Working with dogs and cats at adoption centers, screening potential pet parents and facilitating permanent placements was both difficult and rewarding.

I have worked in the Non-Profit Sector at Naumkeag, a Choat property owned and operated by the Trustees of Reservations in Massachusetts. I worked in the Welcome Center scheduling property and garden tours, managed the gift shop and sold both annual memberships ( I sold more than anyone in the state) and snacks. I have both volunteered and currently work as a gate attendant at Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, where the Boston Pops and numerous contemporary and classical artists perform from June through early September.

I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to have visited numerous countries throughout the world learning about different cultures and people and this passion is ongoing.

Antiques have always interested me and I currently sell out of my Upstairs Garage Shop, Garage Sale Antiques, in  Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Life is about challenge and learning and I am involved in both.


The Real Estate Whisperer

When you think about Real Estate, it is time to get real and focused. I have helped folks for some three decade in all areas of the process. Everyone needs help in getting where they want to be, so why go it alone when I can be the one to get you a partner who can provide you with every service you can imagine. 


What I Can Do For You

I am a coach, a quarterback and an advisor. I can find you a professional I would use, or have used myself, anywhere in the world. There is no cost to make your life easier, so let's talk. You are under no obligation and I promise you that the process can be simple and enjoyable.

If you are in the industry and struggling, or new to the business I can and will provide you with strategies that will help you succeed. I don't sell materials and I do listen. If you would like to discuss fees for service give me a call.


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